Community Charisms

Community Charisms
Come Follow Jesus With Us

The Community of St. Benedict is committed and dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of God’s people. We believe we have a special mission to reach out to our brothers and sisters. Our goal in our charism is to bring into focus the Love of Christ no matter what ones state of life.

As we enter into the third millennium are we sufficiently aware that, two thousand years ago, Christ came to earth to offer every human being a communion in God. Credibility can be reborn for the younger generation when the communion that is the Church becomes transparent by striving with its whole soul to forgive, when, even with a minimum of resources, it becomes welcoming to all human suffering.

Never distant, never on the defensive, freed from all forms of severity, The Church can let the humble trusting of faith shine right into our human hearts. When the Church becomes maternal then its children will come running to be embraced and receive the fruits of the Gospel, which Jesus Himself gives freely to us to accept.

Jesus’ love is meant for all. His divine mercy is available to all. As a community we see the essentials of living the Gospel message in life’s daily living. In following the call to living the Gospel life the lost and lonely always have a home in Jesus’ heart and a place within our Ministry. Never to judge, never to say that you have no place in the Church or within the unity of all who want to be accepted just as they are. Simple and not judgmental this is the Church that Christ has given to us.This is His Gospel message.

It can also happen that institutions, because of routine or the deficiencies of their leaders and members are not sufficiently at the service of the Gospel message. Because of this, the Church needs the witness of your hope and your zeal in order to fulfill her mission better.

We are one Faith, one Bread, one Body, one Cup of Blessing in Christ! Without exception you are included in The Gospel Message…